Popular Enterprises


  • Senior Software Engineers with application development/deployment experience on a variety of platforms
  • System architecture, software development, database design, deployment, testing, performance tuning and
    ​maintenance for large scale web based and distributed J2EE projects
  • Experience with J2EE development including JNDI, EJB, and JMS using Eclipse
  • Experience software architect using Weblogic and JBOSS application servers for multi-tiered
  • Internet/intranet development and support
  • Relational database application development and support using Oracle and MySql
  • Proven ability to work independently and together as team with strong communications skills


  • Strong J2EE experience
  • Entity and session (EJB) bean architecture, lifecycle, caching, deployment, etc.
  • JDBC connection polls (to Oracle and MySql databases)
  • JMS hands on knowledge using Weblogic and JBOSS JMS implementation
  • Servlets,JSP,JSF,RichFaces,Struts framework
  • Developed rich JSP/Richfaces tag libraries to deliver dynamic, data-driven content
  • XML/XSL parsing formatting ect.
  • Instruction in Java Programming and Object Oriented Design using C++
  • Experience writing mobile applications for Android devices
  • 10 years of JBoss Server administration experience (set up, configuration, & troubleshooting)
  • 10 years of J2EE development experience using JBoss.
  • JBoss performance tuning and optimizations with Linux J2SE
  • Proficient with JBoss Application Server and related tools, particularly JBoss jBPM
  • Extensive experience using NiFi to solve various data flow problems
  • Android application development for tablets, mobile devices, and desktops
  • JAVA application development for tablets, mobile devices, and desktops
  • ​MySql installation and configuation to meet your specific database needs 

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